"Hold a baseball in your hand ... Feel the ball, turn it over in your  hand; hold it across the seam or the other way, with the seam just to  the side of your middle finger. Speculation stirs. You want to get  outdoors and throw this spare and sensual object to somebody or, at the  very least, watch somebody else throw it. The game has begun." (c)


1886. By unknown.

Mother, may I slug the umpire
May I slug him right away?
So he cannot be here, Mother
When the clubs begin to play?

Let me clasp his throat, dear mother,
In a dear delightful grip
With one hand and with the other
Bat him several in the lip.

Let me climb his frame, dear mother,
While the happy people shout;
I'll not kill him, dearest mother
I will only knock him out.

Let me mop the ground up, Mother,
With his person, dearest do;
If the ground can stand it, Mother
I don't see why you can't, too.

Mother may I slug the umpire,
Slug him right between the eyes?
If you let me do it, Mother
You shall have the champion prize.


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С Джо Джирарди контракт продлевать не будут. Жаль. Долго он без работы не просидит, конечно. Поживем-увидим.

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Умер Марик Рахман, хозяин "Националя". Очень, очень печально. Смешно звучит, но я не представляю себе Брайтон без него. Земля пухом. 

Gene Michael R.I.P.

Gene Michael, the creator of great NY Yankees Dynasty of 1996-2003, passed away. Another example of mediocre player who becomes a great executive or manager, like Ralph Houk, of the team he used to play for.